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Since 1989, Tucson has been graced by the distinct craftsmanship and design expertise of LCM Interiors. A family-owned gem, our lineage in the design realm spans years, enriched by the participation of various gifted artisans. They contribute their exceptional skills, making our offerings - from bespoke furniture pieces to custom milling, intricate cabinetry, and exceptional wood and iron creations - stand apart in the crowd.

Our core lies in blending your dream with our distinct design sensibility and the precision of our artisans, creating outcomes that don't just meet expectations but enchant and captivate every beholder.

Step into our showroom, and you'll witness a curated collection of our handcrafted furniture pieces. Let's collaborate and elevate the aesthetics of your home!

Meet the Team

The Hands Behind the Magic


This is our fantastic team of woodworkers who give their all to ensure that LCM interiors produces the highest quality products in the market.

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